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This is healthy eating pho sure. Stacie Stewart's Thai poached salmon bowl

One minute i'd never heard of Stacie Stewart and the next she seems to be everywhere; on TV, in the Telegraph, online. If this recipe is an indicator then that's a good thing.
This is another spin on the tried and trusted 'Pho-like' soup and apparently comes in at under 500 calories.
I like the little twist of blitzing the paste to start the stock off. making the stock, or indeed the paste, is something you could do in advance and keep in the fridge or freezer to make this even quicker and easier.
My only changes were to make a bit more stock by adding some vegetable bouillion and to remove the beansprouts which just aren't my bag. We also used 3 salmon fillets as there were three of us.
Personally, I wouldn't consider the fish sauce as optional as Stacie suggests, If you don't like that pungent fishy-goodness of nam pla then I would suggest it definitely needs some soy sauce.
However we all loved this, you can just feel the self righteousness flooding through y…

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